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    Instagram is under attack with Nasty List phishing scam


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    Earlier today, we receive a message from one of our subscriber regarding Instagram. He was mentioning, is Instagram hacked? We tried checking on all our sources but there is no such news regarding Instagram. Eventually, a few hours ago, BleepingComputer reported on this issue. Hackers are trying to phish the user’s Instagram account by using another hacked account. It is called as the Nasty List phishing scam.

    The Nasty List phishing scam

    A lot of user reports that, they are receiving an Instagram direct message from someone they know saying that “you were spotted on Nasty List”. User’s who click on the link has lost their Instagram account access. So if you ever receive such messages from anyone on Instagram, kindly ignore it or delete it. It is a scam which is created to get the login credentials of a user.

    According to BleepingComputer, this scam is spreading to users worldwide via the hacked account. According to them, once the hacker hacks the account, then they will use the account to sent out messages to the followers of the account. You should have received the following message “WOW you are really on here, @The_Nasty_List_848, ranked 100!. The number which is after the underscore changes when each of the users clicks. The only consistent information would be the URL itself as “nastyllist-instatop50.me”.

    Once you accidentally or intentionally clicked on the URL, you will be shown a perfect looking Instagram login page. This is where the hacker will start to phish you. If you notice properly, the link which is clicked is not the real link of Instagram. Anyways, you did the mistake by clicking on the link. It’s OK! Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Immediately, access into your account Privacy and Security settings page and proceed to change your password immediately. It’s that simple.

    In conclusion, the Nasty List phishing scam has just started to circulate around Instagram. Make sure, you take some preventive step by looking at the URL before clicking. If you have suspicious on the account report the account to Instagram and block the user.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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