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    Will Huawei also remove the chargers from its box


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    In the recent times, Apple has always been in the limelight when it comes to setting a new trend in the tech industry. Starting from removing the audio jacks in the iPhone up until now removing chargers from the iPhone box. Many smartphone makers tries to mock when Apple removes the charger from the iPhone box. However, things are looking to be different as Huawei is also in the verge of following Apple footsteps.

    According to the news from GizmoChina, it is reported that Huawei upcoming products could be shipped without having chargers. Recently, Huawei has conducted a survey where it asks the consumers whether is it really necessary to include USB-C charging cable in the headset box. Besides that, the China tech giant also has asked the consumer whether will it affect the purchase decision if chargers are removed.

    Even though, Huawei did not really mentioned about its smartphones lineups in the survey, yet there could be a slight possibility for this to happen. The main reason is because, before the launch of the new Apple Watch series 6, Apple has also conducted a similar survey. From the Apple survey, Apple concludes that people are okay if the chargers are removed from the box. Now, it looks like Huawei is also preparing itself to remove the charger from its upcoming headsets. Then later on, it will remove the charger from the smartphones too.

    Did you know that, besides Huawei, it is also rumoured that Samsung upcoming Galaxy S21 smartphones also will be shipped without having a charging brick in the box. Could this be a step from Huawei too to save the environment?

    In conclusion, we can safely say that Apple is the trendsetter in the tech industry. We are curious to see what’s both Samsung and Huawei has to say about removing charges from their product box.

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    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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