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    BREAKING: Huawei is back in the business with the US

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    It has been one month since the United States government adds Huawei Technologies into its Entity List. Today the US President Donald Trump announces that the United States government will allow the Chinese tech giant to continue doing business with the US companies. This announcement took place during his talk with China’s President Xi Jinping at the Group of 20 Summit in Osaka, Japan today.

    During the conference, the United States President, says US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei. According to him, the equipment which the US tech companies sell does not have any national security problem.

    Back in May, the United States government bans Huawei from continuing business with the US tech companies. This causes company such as Google, Intel, and Qualcomm to stop their business with Huawei. After that, Huawei had a breathing space after the United States provides a 90 days temporary license where Huawei can continue its business with companies such as Google for 90 days.

    Despite that, the United States government has not removed Huawei name from the Entity List yet. As for now, we might need to wait until next week for further updates from both the United States and China discussion.

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