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    Huawei announces HarmonyOS as a replacement for Android


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    As we speak, Huawei is having its annual Huawei developer conference in China today. It was rumoured Huawei will be announcing HongmengOS during its developer conference. Finally, the rumoured has been true as Huawei announces HongmengOS. However, the Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu surprises the audience by unveiling HarmonyOS.

    According to him, HongmengOS and HarmonyOS is the same operating system. The only difference here is in China it will be called as HongmengOS whereas HarmonyOS will be called to the rest of the world. He also says that HarmonyOS is faster and safer than the current Android operating system.

    At this moment, Huawei says this OS is primarily aimed for IoT products only instead of smartphones. However, if the United States government permanently bans Huawei from accessing to Google Android operating system, then Huawei will deploy HarmonyOS officially to the smartphones. In the meantime, Huawei will still be continuing to support the Android operating system for its smartphones.

    In conclusion, Huawei is one of the best smartphones in the world. If the US government continue to bans Huawei, then you know what’s going to happen next. So Huawei future owners, don’t worry about the operating system. This is faster and safer.

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