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    How many days to work to buy the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro in Malaysia?


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    Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is officially announced today. Some of you might be surprise and some of you might be disappointed with the iPhone 13 Pro launch. No matter what, Apple surely is going to hit its target sales once it goes for sale starting October onwards. Especially in country such as Malaysia, many of you will be more interested on how to buy the 128GB storage option iPhone 13 Pro.

    Thanks to Picodi.com for sharing us the data titled “Working days needed to afford a new iPhone”. According to their data, they have shared how many days we need to work in average to buy the latest iPhone 13 Pro.

    Data from Picodi.com

    The current iPhone 13 Pro is priced at RM4,899 for the 128GB storage option. To be honest, RM4,899 is not cheap at all. We all need to work day and night in order to buy the latest iPhone 13 Pro. If you notice at the chart above, it clearly states that, Malaysians needs to work for at least 30.3 days in order to buy their first iPhone. This means, their need to use their whole 30.3 days salary to use it to buy the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro.

    If you want to buy iPhone in less than 10 days working, then probably you might need to work in countries such as Switzerland, United States, Australia, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Ireland, Germany and Finland. Especially, if you work in Switzerland for just 4.4 days, you can immediately walk-in to the nearest Apple Store and get your iPhone 13 Pro.

    Apart from Malaysia, countries such as Turkey or Philipines, they might need to work close to 100 days and then use their whole salary to get the latest iPhone 13 Pro. According to their statistics, the net wages were obtained using local salary calculators. Then the monthly salaries were divided by 21 (which is the average number of working days in a month). However, in other countries such as Australia, who get paid weekly. This will be divided by 5.

    Talking about Malaysians, last year iPhone 12 Pro which is also priced around RM4,899 too. But still Malaysians need to work 29.1 days in order to buy the iPhone 12 Pro.

    In conclusion, the iPhone 13 Pro is expensive and Malaysians need to use their hard earn money to buy it. To know more about the iPhone 13 Pro, check out our latest post here.

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