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    HONOR 70: World’s First Smartphone To Feature Sony’s IMX800 Sensor

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    Following the teaser released by HONOR on its new product, the company confirmed that the latest smartphone HONOR 70 would be coming to Malaysia soon. In conjunction with its next mega launch, HONOR started to unveil more on the main features of the device which is its camera setup. 

    Source: HONOR

    The HONOR 70 will soon make its debut as the world’s first smartphone to feature the IMX800 sensor. A 1/1.49 sensor and a large aperture of f/1.9 are a sign of things to come, bringing ultra-photography to new heights. The latest flagship model will include Sony’s IMX800 Super Sensing Main Camera, which has 50MP that doubles the ultrawide and macro cameras, as well as a 2MP depth sensor. It will bring mobile photography to a whole new level. 

    In comparison to the IMX766 used by mainstream flagships, the IMX800 incorporated in the HONOR 70 increased the dynamic range by 23%, outperforming its predecessor in terms of clarity, quality, and low-light performance. You can now rely on HONOR 70 to enhance photography performance with its low light, backlit, and night shooting scene features. 

    Low Light and Backlit photography

    Due to the reputable sensor, low light shooting will provide a clearer shot with less noise, giving smartphone snapshots an overall achievement. You can clearly see in this photo sample that, even in a backlit scene, the HONOR 70 handles low light settings impressively. It is able to capture the background details without overexposing while retaining greater details of the overall atmosphere.

    Ultrawide Camera

    The other main camera is equipped with a 50MP and a 122-degree ultrawide lens, as well as the ability to shoot 2.5cm macro at the same time. This makes the HONOR 70 a rare catch in this price range with such a camera advantage. 

    The angled shots with the HONOR 70 showed little to no distortion under the 50-high megapixel shooting, with just the right amount of color and brightness control. Macro-wise, the HONOR 70 intelligently switches when it gets too close to a subject, allowing for clear, crisp shots at close range.

    All these highlighted features of HONOR 70 should get you all excited about what’s more to be unpacked. So stay tuned to HONOR Malaysia’s official Facebook page and website for everything related to the soon-to-arrive HONOR 70.

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