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Clean your air conditioner with a “single button”

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It is about time to meet the future of air conditioning. Hisense has just unveiled the world’s first auto cleaning air conditioner. Back in those days, we have to manually remove the filter and wash it and dry it before placing back on our air conditioner. But, now with the new Hisense Auto Clean feature, you can simply tap on the single button and worry less after that.

Honestly, this is something personally I have been waiting for so long. Especially during this pandemic, the air conditioners are on always. This causes the dust to pile up easily in the filter of the air conditioner. Day by day this will affect the coolness of the air conditioner. Especially when I am working from home currently, most of the time I will be super busy with my works and then I might forget to clean the filter of the air conditioner. At the same time it is also very time consuming to call the contractor to clean the air conditioner.

But with this Hisense new feature, you just need to press one button on the L1-12 (LS) remote controller and it will automatically start the auto-clean function and provide you with clean air all the time. According to Mr William Li, Managing Director of Hisense Malaysia, he hopes that Malaysians will enjoy the technology provided on all users’ air-conditioner while keeping them cool and clean.

How does the Auto Clean feature works?

Basically, all you need to do is just set the L1-12(LS) remote controller In Cooling or Dry mode when the air-conditioner is in standby status. Then, press ‘Quiet Button’ for 5 seconds to activate the Auto Clean feature and it will automatically start the 5 steps (Frosting – Penetration – Stripping – Defrosting – Drying) cleaning process to clean the internal areas of the air-conditioner. 

First step will be ‘Frosting’ where it makes the temperature drop rapidly to 19℃, and the evaporator will frost quickly followed by the second step, ‘Penetration’ which penetrates deeply between the dust and the attached surface. While the dust and dirt are frozen, the third step of Auto Clean Function ‘Stripping’ came in where it started to strip away all the dust that is frost. 

The fourth step ‘Defrost’ mode will defrost everything into water, while the last step ‘Drying’ will keep the filter dry and clean as well as remove the dust and dirt. Auto Clean feature takes a minimum of 9 minutes to complete the whole process and it would help to increase the efficiency of the air-conditioner and provide users with a fast-cooling environment.

Besides that, the Hisense inverter air-conditioner also supports controls via the smartphone app. You can install the HiSmart Home App to remote control your air-conditioner. You can even turn it on before you arrive back to your home. With all this technology reaching to greater heights smart home appliances are becoming more futuristics too.

Currently, the all-new Hisense inverter air-conditioner comes with the Auto Clean feature. If you wish to purchase it, you can refer to HiSense dealer locations and walk-in to experience the coolness of the Hisense air-conditioner. To learn more about all of Hisense’s premium offerings, visit Hisense Malaysia and follow @HisenseMalaysia on Facebook, and YouTube.

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