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    Hans Zimmer joins hands with BMW for its futuristic concept car


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    When it comes to designing futuristics car, BMW is always at its best and when it comes to futuristics sounding, Hans Zimmer is the best in the world. What happens when both best brand and person join hands together? The outcome is extraordinary. Earlier this week BMW unveils its plan to launch 25 electric vehicles by 2023. According to TechCrunch, BMW launches a website for the BMW Vision M NEXT sports car which includes Hans Zimmer composing a science fiction-like sound of the engine for the electric vehicle (EV).

    In the day of self-driving cars, the BMW Vision M NEXT design study represents BMW’s concept of a sports car. The design of this dream car is both a glimpse into the future and a reference to BMW’s iconic past.

    Do you know that EV does not produce any sound for the engine? The good thing is your ride will be a really smooth ride. However, thinking of the outside world, it could be dangerous. For example, sometimes pedestrians might not know the presence of the EV because there isn’t any noise from the engine. Other car manufacturers such as Jaguar and Harley Davidson has designed a futuristic sounding for the engine noise. Now it’s time for BMW to give a futuristic sounding for the BMW Vision M NEXT concept car.

    Since it is a futuristic concept car, Hans Zimmer is the best person to work on it. This is because Hans Zimmer has composed music for a few science fiction movies such as Interstellar and Inception. Apart from Hans Zimmer, BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale produces a sound for the car too.

    Sound design Hans Zimmer Renzo Vitale

    You can click on the play button below to listen to this futuristic sounding from Hans Zimmer. The sound feels like a spaceship sound.

    Apart from the sounding, BMW has also added a few of the pictures and room posters which is available to download for free. Other than that, you can also find 3D models which you can use a 3D printer to print the concept car. All these are available on the BMW website.

    In conclusion, we are not sure how soon we can see the complete car on the road. Despite that, you shouldn’t be shocked if in the next Mission Impossible movie Tom Cruise rides the BMW Vision M NEXT concept car because it is really possible to happen.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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