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Grab Is Testing The Quiet Ride Option In Selected Areas In Malaysia

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If you are an introverted person or someone who has a bad day and wants to avoid small talk at all costs, especially during your e-hailing ride, this new feature from Grab will surely catch your attention. 

Grab Malaysia will introduce a new option called ‘Quiet Ride’. How it works is exactly like its name, in which you will have the option to request a ride that keeps conversation to minimal. 

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After securing your Grab booking, an automated message will appear in GrabChat asking if you’d want a quiet ride; simply respond with “Quiet Ride.” In this way, the driver would know that you would appreciate silence during the trip.

However, selecting Quiet Ride will not prevent your driver from interacting with you in any way. Grab has noted that even after selecting this option, riders should be ready for drivers to inquire about important details like their preferred route, protocol, or music selection.

As reported by Lowyat.NET, Grab has confirmed that the Quiet Ride pilot programme is currently ongoing in Malaysia. It has begun testing with a selection of Grab customers in Ipoh, Johor Bharu, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, and Melaka and has now expanded the trial to include more users in the Klang Valley and Penang. 

A forumer uploaded a screenshot from the Grab Driver app, stating that the feature would be trialled on October 7th. Grab noted that it is still evaluating the service and has not yet set a date to launch the Quiet Ride to the public in Malaysia. 

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