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    Google’s best AI feature is coming to Google Docs


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    Google is always working to launch new features for its existing service. A few months ago, Google introduces a new AI feature for its Android Gmail app. Later, Google rolls out as an update to iOS devices. Finally, Google is bringing its AI, which is the Smart Compose feature to Google Docs.

    However, Google is only allowing domain administrators to sign up for the beta feature. This means the Smart Compose feature will only be available to G Suite users. First of all, do you know what is Smart Compose? Smart Compose is an AI feature which suggests your sentence while you write. Almost similar to auto-suggestion tool which exists in iOS and Android devices.

    Smart Compose is something really useful for our emails. Nowadays, if we wanted to request a document for someone else via email, Smart Compose does it easily for us. Google uses machine learning models to predict your sentence. All it needs is your past writing skills. Based on that, Smart Compose suggests to you what to write next.

    In a nutshell, Smart Compose is here to stay for long days. We can expect Google to roll out this feature to the general Google Docs users too in the future. This could really help you to complete your day to day task.

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