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UPDATE: The New Google Wallet Is Coming To Android Soon

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UPDATE: The new Google Wallet is now available for users to download for Android 5.2 or later.

Forgetting your wallet while you already hit the road must be the most frustrating thing ever right? Now that everything is going digital, you still can pay for most things through your phone but what if you need your driver’s license or other documents? Well, lucky for you, Google just started rolling out an app known as Google Wallet, your new digital wallet.

Introducing Google Wallet might not be much of a surprise for users who have already familiarized themselves with the previous Google payment system. Google Wallet has already been around in previous years and since then it went through several changes. In 2018, the app became Google Pay, and now it’s converting back to its original Wallet. 

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The idea of Google Wallet is that it could manage all your digital documents including debit and credit cards. Not only that, but you could also save your tickets, and COVID-19 vaccination cards. It will be developed further to support digital identifications like driver’s licenses and car keys.  On top of that, Wallet also collaborates with other Google apps to enhance users’ experience and control over their digital wallets For example, if you are on a bus, you can instantly top up your transit card and see the balance if you are running low on a fare. 

Moreover, the app will be available for Android users in over 40 countries in the upcoming few days. Since Google Pay is still up and running, users in the US and Singapore would have to use both Google Pay and Wallet to receive and transfer money from friends. As for the majority of countries, Wallet will replace the current Google Pay. Basically, Google Pay is still managing your transaction while Wallet working alongside it to provide other functions mentioned earlier until it is further developed in the future. 

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