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    Google rolls out an interesting feature for Google Photos app for iPhone and Android

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    Google Photos is one of Google’s most popular app which many of us have it installed in our smartphones. Typically all Android smartphones come with all Google apps including Google Photos. Even nowadays, many iPhone users also are storing all their pictures into the Google Photos app. Thanks to Google, soon it will be rolling out an interesting feature for Google Photos app. Interestingly, Google is rolling this feature to both iPhone and Android devices.

    The feature Google will be rolling out is pretty much classical feature. This feature has been here in many of our printers those days. It is called optical character recognition (OCR). What is OCR anyway? OCR is a feature where it reads a text from a photo. However, Google is taking a step forward where now you can use the Google OCR feature to read the text in photos and turn them in a text where you can search for from the Google Photos app.

    Sooner, you can even copy and paste the text into your documents. This feature is something very good for students as most of the students can snap the photos of the presentation slide rather than writing it down on a notebook. For the elders, with this new feature, you don’t have to write down your WiFi password. You can snap a picture of it and you can store it in a document.

    Do note that, this is not the first time Google is rolling out this feature. This feature has been present in Google Lens app itself says 9to5Google. Google Lens is an app which delivers multiple information based on the photo you capture. For example, if you take pictures of a museum, it is able to tell you the museum name from the photos. It can even tell you the operation hours, ticket pricing and also reviews from different users.

    Most of the time, Google posted an article on its blog regarding a new feature launch. However, this round Google confirms this feature from Twitter. Google says this feature will be rolled out to Android users first. At the same time, it will be rolling out to iPhone users and to the Google Photos web as well.

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