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    Google will be rolling text-to-speech for emergency calls to all Android phones


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    Our current smartphone supports emergency contact feature where you can tap on the Emergency button from the lock screen. Then you can dial the emergency contact number. Soon this will be changed in Android phones because Google is rolling out its new text-to-speech feature for emergency calls.

    According to Google, it will be rolling out this feature to Pixel phones and other Android phones too. This feature will be very useful when a person is injured or during a dangerous situation. Even if a person unable to verbally communicate during the emergency situation can use this feature to contact the emergency operator.

    How Google text-to-speech works?

    Google always like to make things simple for its users. You can contact the emergency helpline by tapping on “Medical”, “Fire”, or “Police”. This can be done directly on the Phone app. Upon tapping either of the buttons, an automated voice service will be started and it will alert the operators based on the types of emergencies.

    Calling emergency without

    During an emergency situation, you can expect to have a good data connection to contact the emergency helpline. However, Google will be fixing this issue where the feature works easily even without a data connection. The moment, when the caller taps on either of the three options, the current GPS location will be shared to the operator. Other than that, the caller’s plus code will be shared to the operator too. With this, the operator can locate the caller’s exact location.

    In conclusion, Google will be rolling out this feature to its users in the US soon. Google will roll out exclusively to the Pixel phones. Then in the coming near future, Google will roll out this feature to selected Android devices soon.

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