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    Everything you need to know about Google Pixel 4 before the launch


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    Google will be unveiling the most rumoured Google Pixel 4 today at its “Made by Google” event. The media event will take place today in New York City. Most of us waiting for Google to unveil the Pixel 4 smartphone with improvement to the hardware and designs. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about Google Pixel 3 ahead of the launch.

    Facial Recognition and Motion Sense

    Do you still remember back in July Google releases a video on the Pixel 4? From the video, the first thing we notice was Google Pixel 4 will be having its own Face ID feature to unlock the device. Continuously watching the video, we also notice Google will also be introducing a new feature called Motion Sense. This feature will allow you to navigate your phone without even touching it.

    For example, you can simply wave your hand to the right to select the next song. Thinking about this feature, we feel this is something not useful. This is because most of the time we are holding our phone in one hand only. We prefer to use in a single hand. Unless you really cannot touch your phone using your hands, then this feature could be really useful though.

    Coming back to the facial recognition feature, we believe you can unlock your phone in any orientation. This is something Apple iPhone does not have. However, we have to see it first how it works before confirming things. For the specs-wise, you can click the button below for the expected specs. Do note this is the leaked specs previously.

    Motion Mode

    Besides that, Google surely will be improving its camera on the Google Pixel 4. The previous Google Pixel 3 camera was totally mind-blowing. Personally, we felt it was the best camera ever in a smartphone. Now, we are expecting Google to unveil a new feature for this device which is the Motion Mode. Using this feature, you can easily capture action shots with your Google Pixel 4 camera. For instance, if you see someone jumping from a trampoline, you can easily capture their action moments easily.

    Audio Zoom

    This is something feature we are expecting on the Google Pixel 4. Audio Zoom has been used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and also in the latest iPhone 11 Pro. It will adjust the audio level in real-time when you zoom to a specific object. If you are zooming on a specific person who is talking, the outside sounds will be reduced so that you can hear the sounds of the person talking.

    Audio Transcript

    The other feature is something Android 10 already has is Audio Transcript. Google could be revamping its Recorder app for the Google Pixel 4. With this app, your audios will be translated into a text where you can search your recordings easily by using the search terms.

    Image from 9t6o5Google

    Auto Dial 911

    Last but not least, Google might be working also on this new feature too. If you have met with an accident, your phone can immediately call 911. How these things works are still unclear. We will have to wait for Google to reveal it today.

    Image from XDA Developers

    You can watch the Google Pixel 4 launch event live today on YouTube here.

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