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    Google finally fixes the major flaw in the Pixel 4

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    Back in October 2019, Google unveils the most awaited smartphone which was the Pixel 4. Although it didn’t get much attraction from the audience, still those Pixels die-hard fans are totally into buying the Pixel 4. Tech reviewers have found that there is a serious flaw in the Pixel 4. After the news became viral, Google promises that it will roll out a fix for the flaw. Now, we got to know that Google has already fixed the major flaw in Pixel 4.

    Probably you might be wondering what’s the flaw we are talking about. When Google unveils the Pixel 4, for the first time ever it unveils its own face unlock feature. That’s the similar feature has been there in the iPhone for a long time. When Google unveils the face unlock feature, many were excited to try it. But, after trying it they found out that, the Pixel 4 can be unlocked even your eyes are closed.

    This is a serious flaw the Pixel 4 have. Imagine when you are sleeping, your partner can unlock your phone without waking you up. The interim solution which Google recommends was to disable the face unlock feature from the settings and use the usual pin or pattern unlock or fingerprint unlock.

    But the same thing if you take a look at the iPhone, Apple requires you to keep your eyes open in order to unlock your iPhone. That’s the similar mechanism Google Pixel 4 supposed to have but it didn’t. Hopefully, with this fix, Pixel 4 fans can be happy to use the face unlock on their Pixel 4. Do note that, the Pixel 4 is not available in Malaysia. It’s only available in Singapore which is the nearest country to Malaysia.

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