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Google made a shocking move by acquiring this wearable company

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After Apple and Amazon reach $1 trillion-dollar company, Google joins the race too. With such a huge valuation tech giant company, it can acquire any company it wishes at any time. Officially today Google announces that it is acquiring the world’s most famous wearable company.

Do you know which is the most famous wearable company? Well, the answer is Fitbit. Google has officially acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion today. The US tech giant made the official announcement via its blog. The Google SVP of devices and services, Rick Osterloh says that Google is planning to invest in Wear OS and wearable devices which are Made by Google.

According to Google, Fitbit will be completely owned by Google. This means Fitbit will not be a separate division under Google. With this can we expect Google to rename Fitbit as Google Fitbit or Google Fit? Previously, when Google rebrands Nest, it was later named as Google Nest.

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On the other side, Fitbit has also released its official press statement. From the press statement, Fitbit has mentioned that it takes its users privacy for health and fitness seriously. Neither of the health nor the fitness data will be used for Google ads.

Until today, Google has not ventured into the wearable technology. This could be its first step to launch a new Google smartwatch later next year. Besides that, Fitbit has already smartwatch such as the Fitbit Versa. Now, with Google software integration into Fitbit hardware, it can make the Fitbit watch smarter. Google believes this could be the best alternative to the Apple Watch.

In conclusion, Google soon will be introducing its own smartwatch. We can expect Google to unveil its first-ever smartwatch next year around October 2020. Besides Fitbit, Google has already also acquired a few smartwatch technologies from Fossil. We will update you once we got more information on Google smartwatch.

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