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    Google is testing voice verification to confirm payments


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    Whenever it comes to futuristic new features, Google is always one step ahead. The latest news we have regarding Google is, it is testing a new feature where you can use your voice to confirm payments. Voice verification is something new which not even the Apple iOS device have.

    This news was first reported by the Android Police. According to Android Police, Google indeed is going to roll out this voice verification feature soon. Google is calling it the Voice Match. According to the Google spokesperson, this all-new Voice Match feature is still in the testing phase. Which means only available for the Google Play purchases and also the restaurant’s order.

    In order to enable this feature, you can tap on the Google app. Then tap on the More button and then tap on the Settings button. You should be able to view the Google Assistant tab. Click on it and tap on You and the tap on Payments. Do note that, you will only be able to view the “Confirm with Voice Match” if your smartphone supports this feature. Then you can easily toggle it on or off from here. Since it’s in the testing phase, there are chances for the Google app to crash.

    In conclusion, Google Assistant is one of the best artificial intelligence technology. Besides that, Google Duplex can even speak using a normal human voice to make a reservation in a restaurant. So we will strongly say Google Assistant is the future of AI. As for now, Google did not reveal when it will be rolling out this feature to all smartphones. We can expect Google to share more details about Voice Match during its Google I/O event.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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