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    Smart compose and email scheduling arrives to Gmail


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    It’s been 15 years already since Google created Gmail today. To celebrate its 15th birthday, Google is updating the Gmail with few minor updates. Part of the update will be the email scheduling. Next time when you send an email to a person, Gmail gives you the option to schedule when you want to send the email.

    The Smart Compose email feature was launched by Google back in May last year. What it does is, its AI will suggest the way to complete your sentence in your emails. However, for this update, Google says Gmail can now change to the way the user writes. The AI is very intelligent it can match the writing style for different individuals.

    Sometimes as a user, you might have written your email but then you will be figuring the subject line. In order to resolve this issue, now Gmail can also suggest the subject line based on the body of your message. This feature is part of the Smart Compose feature which Google released. According to Google, the Smart Compose feature has saved its users from typing more than 1 billion characters each week. Today Google announces this feature will also be available on Android devices. As for now, Google says Gmail for iOS will get the same update soon. There is no exact dates reveal yet.

    Mail scheduler

    Google always thinks in the user points of view when it develops a feature. To use the scheduling feature, you can directly click on the “Send” button with the dropdown arrow. By clicking this you should be able to see the scheduler window. Then, you can choose the given settings such as “tomorrow morning” or any specific date and time.

    Previously, you can use the same feature by using the third-party extensions. With this update, scheduling your email will be very easy.

    In conclusion, Google says thank you by releasing these updates to its users worldwide. Not forgetting Androids users also will be getting this update today as well.

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