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    Google finally rolls out Apple AirDrop clone, Nearby Share

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    After unveiling the Google Pixel 4a, Google also finally rolls out one of the most awaited feature for Android users. It is the Nearby Share feature. We are sure the Android fans are happy right now with this news. With this feature, you can easily share files with your friends as a piece of cake.

    Back in a month ago, there were rumours that Google Pixel smartphones got a new feature which Google hasn’t rolled out officially. We knew it that Google will be unveiling the Nearby Share feature in the coming months. But we didn’t expect Google will be unveiling it now. The Nearby Share feature can also be said as the Apple AirDrop clone.

    After Apple next is Google

    Back in 2011, Apple unveil a new way of sharing files with iOS users. It was called the AirDrop. Using this feature, all iOS users were able to share files easily. So, 9 years later, finally Google has unveiled its own file sharing feature. According to Google, this is one of the feature which the Android community has been asking for to share files easier.

    Besides Google, other smartphone makers such as Vivo, Oppo and Realme are also working to develop the AirDrop like feature for their own smartphones. These smartphone makers have already formed its own community where they discuss on how to develop and integrate AirDrop like feature. A few months back, Vivo has already rolled out the new file transfer technology to its selected Vivo smartphones.

    Nearby Shares supports Android 6+

    The new Nearby Share feature, will be rolling out starting today as an update to all Android smartphone which runs on Android 6 and above. If you are using older Android smartphones, then don’t worry you will be getting this new feature. Google will be rolling out the OTA update in the coming weeks to all the Android users. If you have used the Apple AirDrop feature before, then the Nearby Share feature also will be really easy to use.

    Here’s a video on how to use the Nearby Share feature.

    Previously, if you want to share files between smartphones, the main solution most of us used is through Bluetooth connection. In order to use the Bluetooth connection, you need to enable your Bluetooth connection and then you need to connect to the target device first. Then the only you can share the files between the devices. But now, that’s not the case because, with just a few taps away, your files will be ready to send to your contacts or nearby devices. The Nearby Share is able to choose the best file transfer protocol such as Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or peer-to-peer WiFi. This works even your network status is offline too.

    Talking about the security, with the Nearby Share feature, both the devices can communicate anonymously. There will be a privacy setting on the Quick Settings page where you can set the visibility of your device. You can either set your visibility as “hidden” “some contacts” and “all contacts”. So, if you set your device visibility as “hidden” then you won’t be able to receive files from the other devices. This is similar to the Apple AirDrop too. Google also confirms that it will be rolling out this feature to Chromebooks too in the coming months.

    In conclusion, starting today, the Nearby Share feature will be available to Google Pixel and a selective Samsung smartphone. Gradually, Google will be rolling out this feature to other smartphones too. We are looking forward to trying this feature on Android smartphones too.

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