Going Deep into the Industrial Internet of Things, USI Launches the First 5G Radio Frequency Handheld Device Product -VAD7225

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SHANGHAI, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the advent of 5G era, miniaturization, light weight and intelligence of electronic products have been widely applied in more application scenarios, thus increasing the demand for SiP miniaturization technology that supports more built-in components. In the field of industrial applications, some devices, such as industrial handheld wireless scanners that emphasize drop-proof, dust resistance and waterproof, have also begun to follow in the footsteps of consumer electronics products, to step into the field of enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB). This puts forward new requirements for the design and manufacture of industrial IoT devices.

As an important player of the global electronics industry chain, USI has continued to penetrate into the industrial Internet of Things field in recent years with its strong technical strength and verification experience in the SiP field, as well as years of experience in wireless communications and system integration modules. Since the completion of the first 5G millimeter wave laboratory in February 2020, USI has been committed to research and development of RF solution design and performance verification services for 5G products, as well as provision of one-stop antenna system simulation, integration, and testing services. In the third quarter of 2021, USI launched the first self-developed industrial handheld device VAD7225 that uses 5G SOM (System-On-Module), and after the throughput test on a 5G live network, the highest speed of VAD7225 exceeds 3Gbps.

Compared with most 4G products currently available, in addition to the newly added 4X4 DL MIMO function that supports sub-6GHz band, VAD7225 is also equipped with three millimeter wave antenna modules, which can provide wider-angle and multi-directional connection signal coverage, faster and stabler connection, effectively improving the user experience. Through the process of design and system verification of the VAD7225, the development team has further accumulated a large amount of development technology and practical experience in the 5G industrial smart handheld devices. Leo Tai, director of USI R&D Center, pointed out that the rapid realization of this project fully proves that USI has quite comprehensive R&D and testing capabilities, and “we look forward to providing more accurate and much faster 5G RF and antenna R&D design and system integration capabilities for customers of industrial handheld device products.”

Most electronics manufacturers usually outsource design and manufacturing to antenna factories. In contrast, a few electronics manufacturers have in-house antenna design teams and lack antenna simulation and system integration capabilities. USI has 5GNR (FR1: Sub-6GHz and FR2: mmWave) radio frequency/antenna design simulation capabilities and measurement facilities. In addition, the company can fully cooperate and communicate efficiently within our own mechanical and hardware R&D teams to optimize the antenna efficiency of the overall RF products.

In the testing field, in the USI’s 5G millimeter wave laboratory, the antenna chamber measurement system supports near and far field measurement of probe-type millimeter wave antennas. The small compact field chamber supports field measurement, beam forming, and beam tracking measurement of active 3D antennas.

So far, USI’s industrial handheld device partners include NCR, Zebra, Honeywell, DataLogic, DensoWave, Raymond, and other global leading companies. USI hopes that customers can leverage its professional services in 5G-related technology development, system integration, performance optimization, mass production verification etc., to further optimize the radio frequency performance and better enhance the competitiveness of their 5G products.

About USI

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