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    Fraunhofer ISE study II : Vertex 210 modules + Trina Trackers leads to 6.0% of reduction in LCOE


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    CHANGZHOU, China, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Following the calculation of 210mm modules with fixed tilts in Fraunhofer ISE study I, Fraunhofer ISE, the world leading solar energy research institute, has also evaluated and studied the LCOE of ground power plants, with the combination of the new generation of ultra-high power Module and 1P tracker. The combination of single-axis 1P tracking system and bifacial modules delivers more power generation, thereby significantly reducing the LCOE and improving the return on investment.

    The research results show that, the new generation of 210mm (G12) and 182mm (M10) bifacial modules + 1P tracker perform better than the conventional 166mm (M6) modules in both CAPEX and LCOE.

    It is also found that among the G12 bifacial modules represented by Trina Solar’s Vertex series, the 545W, 600W and 660W modules are superior to the M10 bifacial modules in both CAPEX and LCOE. The CAPEX of the Vertex G12 660W bifacial modules is 1.9% lower than that of the M10 535W bifacial modules, and the LCOE is 1.9% lower than the latter.

    The LCOE of the Vertex G12 660W bifacial modules is 2.6% lower than that of the M10 585W bifacial modules and 6.0% lower than that of the M6 450W bifacial modules. Compared to M6, for a 50 MW single-axis system plant with an initial investment CAPEX of about €25.5 million, the bifacial G12 Vertex 660W system saves nearly 1.5 million Euros. The advanced Vertex 210mm series of modules have a prominent edge in Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

    (Click to check Fraunhofer ISE study I: https://www.pv-tech.org/industry-updates/the-route-to-best-lcoe/)

    Assessment site: Spain

    Module types: M6 bifacial 450W modules; M10 bifacial 535W modules and 585W modules; G12 bifacial 545W, 600W and 660W modules

    Method of installation: TrinaTracker 1P trackers

    Inverter: Central inverter

    The comparisons show that the G12 series of ultra-high power modules represented by Trina Solar’s Vertex can significantly reduce CAPEX, LCOE in particular. It sets a new cost-saving standard, ultimately ensure the project’s earnings and maximize customer value, making PV solar energy more cost competitive.

    For more info about Fraunhofer ISE study II please check link:


    Click to download Fraunhofer ISE’s PPTs on the tests of the Vertex modules:


    For more information, please contact Trina Solar’s local sales representatives, or Mailto: [email protected]

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