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    Take note on this new fake Maybank site that steals your banking info


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    Nowadays, scammers have started to reuse the old phishing method once again to scam people. Recently, Maybank confirms that there is a fake Maybank site which is used by scammers to steal your banking information.

    A few days ago, Maybank shares a tweet on its official Twitter handle saying that scammers are indeed using their website to scam people. Using this website, the scammer will be able to view your login credentials and use them against you. How many of you are Maybank users? If yes, then this is really important to you.

    According to Maybank, recently the scammers are sending these fake Maybank2u website links through SMS, email or WhatsApp. That’s the reason most of their victims are aged between 45 to 65 years old. Whenever, these agedly people saw these type of messages as shown below in the screenshot, they immediately click on it.

    How to know you are looking at a fake site?

    If you take a look closely at the image above on the right side is the fake Maybank2u website. There are a few things you should do in order to know whether the site is a phishing site or not. First of all, look at the site link. Maybank2u site looks like this as shown below. And the fake site above looks weirder than the original site.

    Apart from that, the login text field also is different. In the original site, Maybank will require you to enter your username first before clicking the login button. However, in the fake site, it will ask for your unnecessary information such as phone number and IC number. When you see such different you know it 100% fake.

    In their Twitter account, Maybank says that they will never ever send any link to your SMS, email or WhatsApp. Well, in case you are curious to know whether your account is really at high risk, then you should enter the Maybank2u URL manually. Or the best way is to simply log in using via the Maybank2u app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

    In conclusion, if you really accidentally revealed your banking information to the scammers via the Maybank2u fake site, then immediately contact Maybank customer service at 03-58914744 for more information on what to do next.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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