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    Facebook Terragraph now covers 40 locations in Penang

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    YTL communications and Facebook agreed to work together back in February to trial run its first ever gigabit wireless network in Penang. The Terragraph network mainly covers Georgetown city which is the UNESCO World Heritage city. The trial run starts from March 1 onwards. In the mid of March YTL discloses the location’s where the public can use the YTL Terragraph network.

    Now, YTL reveals Terragraph WiFi network covers 40 locations in Penang. Apart from that, almost 160 city lamp post around the Georgetown area is installed with the Terragraph nodes. During the trial run, more than 4000 users access to the Terragraph network whereas, the returning user rate is at 60%. That is almost half of the users. YTL claims that each user is able to access the Terragraph network with a 170Mbps download speed and 160Mbps upload speed.

    In conclusion, the Terragraph network could be one of the best public Wi-Fi network available in Malaysia. According to YTL Communications, the highest consumption of data per user is 5GB. Planning to test the Terragraph network, you can view the list of coverage area on the Yes 4G official website.

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