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Facebook redesigns its Messenger app

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Another feature of Facebook focus is on the Messenger app. During the F8 Developer Conference, Facebook Director of Messenger Asha Sharma announces Messenger app will be redesign completely. Most probably, Facebook might include the cross-messaging feature to the Messenger app.

New Messenger app

The major concern Facebook has is the size of the Messenger app itself. Finally, Facebook promises the new Messenger app will be fast and reliable. Facebook will be working on re-building the architecture of the Messenger from the ground itself. This changes will make the app to be faster and lighter.

Watch Together

Moreover, Facebook also brings the watch feature to the Messenger app. Whenever you are away from your friends or family, you can use the new Watch feature where Messenger will allow you to watch videos together with them in real time. You just have to share the video from the Facebook app to the Messenger. Then invite the friends you wish to watch the videos with. While you are watching together the video, you can even message and have a video chat also. This is something totally unique feature where we are expecting from Facebook.

Messenger desktop app

Facebook also announces to roll out Messenger for desktop during the developer conference. Nowadays, people use the Facebook messages feature to communicate with their friends and family. This can sometimes interrupt their work as they have to keep on switching their window tabs. With the desktop app, Facebook says, users, can have group video calls, collaborate on a project or multitask while chatting without stopping their other works. As for now, Facebook is still testing the Messenger desktop app.

In conclusion, Facebook announces all these features will only be rolling out globally later this year only. Facebook says these features are still on the testing phase. Looks like finally, Facebook plans to make changes to the Messenger app after a long time. Let’s wait for it to roll out globally so that we can get hands-on with those features.

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