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    Facebook launches its own avatar in the United States


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    Bitmoji is famously known as Bitstrips back in 2012, where we can see many people creating their own comic strip on their Facebook. Now, on Facebook, we have the Stickers which widely many people are using it when they post a comment on a post. Later in 2014, Bitstrips is renamed to Bitmoji and that’s when it has been one of the most downloaded apps on Facebook. Just today, Facebook launches the Bitmoji-like avatars in the United States.

    Before the United States, Facebook first launches its own Avatar in Europe. Since Bitmoji has been acquired by Snapchat, Facebook couldn’t use Bitmoji technology on its platform. So that’s the reason Facebook developed its own Bitmoji-like avatar. At first, we were expecting something like Memoji on the Apple iOS ecosystem. Unfortunately, the Avatar is still a sticker similar to Bitmoji. Only that you can customize it thoroughly similar to Apple’s Memoji.

    Similar to Bitmoji, people in the United States and Europe can use the Facebook Avatars in Stories. Besides that, Facebook also allows you to use its Avatars to comment on a post and obviously in the Facebook Messenger too. Facebook is trying to compete with Snapchat. Even back when Facebook introduces Stories, Snapchat was the first tech company to introduce the Stories feature. And now, Snapchat even launches its own Bitmoji TV where the Bitmoji characters plays a role in the cartoons.

    How to create your Facebook Avatar?

    If both are similar then people rather will be using Snapchat Bitmoji. That’s the reason Facebook makes the Avatars different than the Snapchat Bitmoji. Facebook will allow you to create your own avatar easily. All you need to do is click on the comment where you can insert the stickers. And from there you should be able to view the new button “Create Your Avatar”.

    Then you can easily customize your avatar to your favourite choice. You can even set your hair colour or hairstyle with Facebook Avatars. However, in Bitmoji you can’t really customize it thoroughly. You can also customize the outfit for your avatar similarly to Apple’s Memoji feature.

    In conclusion, there isn’t any confirmation yet whether Facebook will be rolling out Facebook Avatars to other countries. We will give it a try once it is available in Malaysia though. The Facebook Avatars is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

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    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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