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    Facebook Introduces New Ways For Users To Customize Their Feed

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    In order to help people find content that is most relevant to them, Facebook has unveiled new options to customize what they see in their Facebook Feed.

    Facebook said that you can now choose to Show more or Show less of posts from people and communities to which you are connected, as well as posts that Facebook suggests to you. 

    Selecting Show more will temporarily boost the ranking score for that post and similar ones. But, if you choose the option Show less, you will temporarily lower its ranking score. Facebook is making its artificial intelligence systems smarter and more responsive by providing more opportunities to include direct feedback in the Feed ranking.

    Image: Meta

    Facebook added that soon, users will be able to customise the amount of content displayed for each post by tapping the three-dot menu in the right-hand corner. The company will also start testing out this feature in Reels. 

    It seems that Facebook is exploring new ways to give its users control over the amount of updates they receive from their friends, family, Groups, Pages, and public figures in their Feed. Feed Preferences is where you’ll find these features, along with Favorites, snooze, and reconnect.

    The company claimed that these features can assist users in discovering more of the content that is meaningful to them, allowing them to see more of what they want and less of what they don’t. 

    Source: Meta

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