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Splitting The News Feed To Two? Facebook Introduces The New ‘Feeds’ tab


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Mark Zuckerberg in his recent post introduced a new tab on Facebook called Feeds that lets you see the latest posts from your friends, pages, and groups. So, what changed exactly? Well, now the usual News Feed interface that you normally see will be split in two. 

Source: Meta

The primary tab labeled ‘Home’ is the first thing that you will see when you open the app. It is designed to be more of a discovery engine that provides you with personalized content. It is a place for you to discover new connections and entertainment. The contents or recommendations that popped up on your Home tab are based on the things the algorithm finds that interest you the most. In some way, it is kind of similar to the TikTok app.

On the other hand, the new Feeds tab will provide more access to your friend’s content or updates from people and communities that you already connected with on Facebook. However, the ‘Suggested For You’ posts will not be available in Feeds. 

Source: Meta

These two tabs are expected to be available to iPhone and Android users globally in the upcoming week. In addition, users will see Feeds as a tab in the shortcut bar and it will change based on which parts of the app users utilized the most. But, the tab can also be pinned on the shortcut bar to make it stay permanently. 

This new update to Facebook News Feed can also be helpful especially for business owners to market their products more extensively since users are more likely to stumble upon their pages through recommendations and discovery features. It can be seen that the main focus of this update is to ensure users can still keep up with their close friends or family while discovering new connections all at the same time. 

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