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    This Facebook bug marked posts as spam


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    We are now in the era of Covid-19 where the WHO has declared the Covid-19 as a pandemic. Smartphone makers have cancelled all the product launch events until June 2020. Tech giants such as Google and Facebook are working round the clock to curb fake news regarding Covid-19.

    However, today morning we notice that Facebook has marked all our recent posts as spam in our TechmonQuay Facebook page. We were shocked when we saw it because none of our posts is spam-related. But then sooner, we notice that not only us but many users worldwide have started to complain that many of their posts have been marked as spam. This includes in Facebook-owned Instagram too. If you have posted anything related to Covid-19 then probably, your post might have been marked as spam too.


    Later today, the Facebook head of security claims that this is a bug which causes Facebook to mark post on the topic related to Covid-19 as spam. Facebook developed its own anti-spam system which uses AI to determine whether a post should be marked as spam.

    According to Facebook’ VP of integrity, Guy Rosen, he claims that Facebook has fixed the bug which causes this issue. This doesn’t mean that you can post any topics related to Covid-19. Facebook will still use its own content moderator to check your post. Facebook has also restored all the posts which were accidentally removed from the app.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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