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    Facebook might bring back chat into Facebook app

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    Five years ago, Facebook removes the chat service from the Facebook mobile app. With the removal of the service, Facebook forces users to chat using the Messenger app. However, now seems like Facebook might be working on to restore the chat service back into the Facebook app.

    Researcher Jane Manchun Wong is the first person to discover this change. However, when she test the Facebook app, she finds Facebook only bring limited chat feature to the Facebook app. Most probably, for now, Facebook would not allow the calling, photo sharing and reactions feature. We also can expect, maybe this feature is not available because the chat service is still under development.

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    In conclusion, this is a feature which many of you might have been waiting for it to happen. We can expect soon, Facebook will bring this feature back to the Facebook app as beta test. We will update soon on the progress.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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