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    Everything we know about the iPhone 11 before the launch

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    We are reaching towards the end of August. September is the month Apple always unveils its new iPhone. This year we are expecting Apple to unveil iPhone 11. As the dates are coming closer we can roughly share you the final updates of the iPhone 11 before the launch. Each year, Apple sents out the invitation to the press and media two weeks before the iPhone launch event. This has been the launching ritual for Apple. Next, we will further discuss everything we know about the iPhone 11 before Apple launches it next month.

    When is the iPhone 11 event date?

    As we said, the most usual dates Apple chooses to unveil its iPhone will be on either on the first or second week of September. This year, we are expecting Apple to organize the iPhone 11 event on September 10. The main reason we are saying September 10 is because of a few days ago, Apple released iOS 13 Beta 7 to its developers.

    From this Beta release, developers discover the date Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 11. The developers discover an image which reveals the date of iPhone 11 launch. If you look at the image, the calendar date is stated as September 10 in the calendar app. Usually, the date icon in the Calendar app represents the launch date. With this, we can 99% confirm this is a legit update. The remaining 1% will be confirmed once Apple sents out the invitation for the iPhone 11 event.

    When will Apple release iPhone 11?

    After unveiling the iPhone 11 on September 10 which is Tuesday, Apple will be starting to take pre-order on the first Friday after the announcement date. We can expect Apple will be starting to take pre-orders on September 13. Other than Apple, tech retailers also will be doing the same.

    A week after the preorder date, Apple could be releasing the iPhone 11 on September 20. You can start to buy iPhone 11 on the same date. Every year, Apple launches two new iPhone models to its users. This year we can expect Apple to unveil three new iPhone sooner.

    iPhone 11 namings

    For the naming wise, Apple will be changing the namings for the iPhone 11. Do you remember a few years ago, Apple gives a new naming for its new iPad as iPad Pro. That’s the name we can expect for the iPhone 11.

    The iPhone 11 will be called as iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, looking at the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it sounds not matching at all for us. Let’s wait to witness how Apple going to give the namings for the three iPhones.

    In conclusion, these are the details we have regarding the iPhone 11. We will be doing our live blog coverage during the iPhone 11 launch event. Subscribe our page for further updates.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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