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    Edit And Unsend Your Messages With iOS 16 Beta

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    Apple has launched iOS 16 beta 4 and it contains a few major upgrades to new Messages app features. For the first time, iOS 16 adds the option to edit and unsend iMessages. But don’t celebrate it yet because it also comes with a few limitations.

    Source: The Verge

    This new feature allows you to only change a message five times. Furthermore, each edit is tracked and accessible to both the sender and recipient of the iMessage. This means that the person you’re messaging can see any changes you’ve made. Moreover, you can view the edit history by tapping on the “Edited” text that appears below an edited message, and all of the edits will appear above the most recent one. But, when you reach the limit of five edits, the “edit” option will be removed from the long-press menu. 

    Source: The Verge

    On top of that, iOS 16 beta 4 also shortens the time it takes to delete an iMessage. In the previous iOS 16, you had 15 minutes to unsend a message. That time range has been drastically lowered to two minutes with this new release. However, you still have 15 minutes to edit a message. So, don’t send messages you won’t be able to take back unless you got time to unsend it!

    There might be more interesting features to wait for in the upcoming release of iOS 16.

    Source: The Verge, 9to5Mac

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