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    This deepfake bot produces more than 100,000 nude pictures

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    It has been twenty years since the beginning of the technology era. Day by day, there are tons of technologies being unveiled. Especially with AI, it is good for us and also harmful to us. Recently, there is already a new technology called deepfake which making rounds in the tech industry. This is seriously harmful to females because it generates nude pictures of females.

    What is deepfake?

    First of all, let us explain to you what is deepfake. Deepfake can either be in a form of images or audios. By using deepfake technology, the AI is able to generate almost accurate images or audios. Hearing this seems, to be something interesting, but this is a very dangerous technology which can easily defame a person.

    Now, it is really easy to use deepfake technology as in using an app. Recently, there was a bot in Telegram which uses the deepfake technology to generate nude pictures of women. This was found by a cybersecurity expert firm Sensitivity AI. They have reported saying that, using the bot in the Telegram app, users can upload women photos as simple as sending a message and then it will generate the nude picture of them.

    According to Sensitivity AI, this Telegram bot has already generated more than 100,000 nude pictures of women as of the end of July this year. Although, this bot has been removed from the Telegram app, yet there are already more than 100,000 nude pictures of women being shared on the Internet.

    How Telegram deepfake bot works?

    The deepfake bot in Telegram uses a software which is similar to the DeepNude software. It can be said as the open source software of DeepNude. The current DeepNude needs to be paid in order to undress women. But using the Telegram bot you can do it for free.

    First of all, the user needs to upload a female photo into the Telegram bot. This is where the DeepNude process kicks in. By using deep learning, the bot “strips” images of a female. It uses AI to mark the points representing the anatomical body parts. Then the software will use AI to select a naked woman picture and combines it with the uploaded images.

    This process usually takes a few minutes. And once it’s done, the user will receive a message from the bot with the synthesized body parts. This image will have its own watermark once it’s processed. The user will need to pay in order to remove the watermark.

    Who is affected by Telegram deepfake bot?

    As per their current finding, it seems that, 16% of the user prefers to undress female celebrities. Besides that, 63% of the user uses the deepfake Telegram bot to upload female who they know in their real life. From their report we can see that only 6% of the users who are not interested to undress women.

    Up until now, there is no way to know who are the real person who are affected by this bot. But, as for now, 70% of the users who uses the Telegram bot are from Russia. In South East Asia countries are having 4% user who uses this bot to undress women photos.

    This is something really serious, which all the women has to be careful. Most of the user get the photo of girls from the social media networks. Nowadays, parent’s are not monitoring their children behaviour in the social network. This causes them to upload unnecessary photos in their social networks.

    In a nutshell, the only way to avoid such an issue is to set your privacy settings to private so that only your friends or followers can view your photos. If you want to know more about the findings from Sensitivity AI you can click here to read the full report.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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