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    SYDNEY, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Stibo Systems, a global leader in multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, launches a new way of enabling their customers to seamlessly connect with internal and external master data: the Connector Gallery. (www.stibosystems.com/solution/connector-gallery). “The Connector Gallery is our response to a growing need for interoperability between enterprise systems. While it has always been easy to connect our open software solutions with various systems and platforms, we now have all these options in one place, and we have added many new services for our customers to get connected with,” says Doug Kimball, Vice President Solution Strategy of Stibo Systems. “The Connector Gallery offers quick access to third-party solutions, standards or technologies that our solutions exchange data, communicate or work with. All in all, our customers have the opportunity to choose from 79 offerings to connect with. More are added every month, and are easily accessed directly on our website.”

    He points out that users can choose from addons, extensions, analytics, content services and more. There are also customer relationship management services and digital asset management platforms connections that the Gallery enables access to.. “We are providing a high level of interoperability with other systems, applications, and processes. This enables our customers to implement, execute and maintain master data management governance across their enterprise. By doing this, our customers can deliver high levels of data transparency between systems that help them drive better customer experience,” concludes Doug Kimball.

    About Stibo Systems

    Stibo Systems, the master data management company, is the trusted enabler of data transparency. Our solutions are the driving force behind forward-thinking companies around the world that have unlocked the strategic value of their master data. We empower them to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth and create an essential foundation for digital transformation. This gives them the transparency they require and desire – a single, accurate view of their master data – so they can make informed decisions and achieve goals of scale, scope and ambition. Stibo Systems is a privately held subsidiary of the Stibo A/S group, founded in 1794, and is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. More at stibosystems.com.

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