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    Celcom offers a better plan for the OKU people


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    Apart from Maxis and Digi, Malaysia’s best 4G network, Celcom is also supporting the person with disabilities by offering RM10 lifetime rebate to all its OKU customers. However, Celcom is taking a step further by providing more advantages for its OKU customers.

    First of all, Celcom is offering a home visiting for its OKU customers who require further assistance on location. To request this service, people with disabilities can either call Celcom customer service representative to have a visit to their home or request via the Celcom website and social media platforms. Below shows the phone numbers which you can call to get on-site assistance.

    Other than that, Celcom also provides priority service for OKU customers at its Celcom bluecube outlets nationwide. You just have to show your OKU card to the customer service representative in order to have this priority service. Upon showing your OKU card, there is a designated area in the Celcom bluecube outlet where you can have your discussion with the customer service representative. At this moment, there are 39 outlets in Malaysia which currently has wheelchair accessibility. According to Celcom, this accessibility service will be increased at more outlets.

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    Moreover, if the person with personal disabilities is not able to visit the Celcom bluecube outlets, they can send a friend or a family member as their representative. This representative will have to bring an authorization letter, the OKU card and a copy of the person’s identification card.

    In conclusion, as we said on our previous post, three major telco providers, Digi, Maxis, and Celcom are offering now RM10 lifetime rebate for all its OKU customers. The specialty of Celcom is this rebate is applicable to both Celcom Mobile Postpaid and Celcom Home Wireless solution. Visit the Celcom Empower page for more information.

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