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    Cainiao, SF Express, FOR-U Smart Freight awarded 2021 Progress in Science and Technology Award from China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP)


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    BEIJING, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On September 27, at the 14th National Modern Logistics Science and Technology Innovation Conference – 2021 China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Science and Technology Awards Ceremony in Beijing, FOR-U Smart Freight was awarded the 2021 China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Science and Technology Award, along with Cainiao, for its smart warehousing solutions, and SF Express, for its Fengjingtai project. Under the theme of “integrating science and technology, coexisting with wisdom, and prospering together in the industry,” the conference presented the latest technological achievements and organizational models from China’s logistics industry.

    The CFLP Science and Technology Award is an award approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and is registered in the National Science and Technology Award Office, with its accreditation starting in 2003. According to the CFLP, this year’s award was judged by 55 experts, awarded only after in-depth formal examination, preliminary examination, re-examination and public release.

    The winning companies – Cainiao, FOR-U Smart Freight, and SF Express – cover smart warehousing, trunk road transportation, and delivery respectively.

    SF Express’s Fengjingtai project is geared more toward business and data analytics, while Cainiao’s smart warehousing system allows for unmanned warehouse management, providing smart solutions across the entire warehousing process. The ForU Brain is a smart middle platform, driven by big data and AI technology, and features three major systems: smart pricing, smart dispatching, and smart services; together, the platform offers services for shippers and carriers so they may make timely decisions on complex road freight issues.

    While prices for full truckload transportation can fluctuate greatly, and are often not transparent, FOR-U Smart Freight’s smart pricing system uses algorithms to calculate freight prices in real time, combining factors such as vehicle type, distance, weather, and other factors, and then prices each order reasonably. This makes FOR-U Smart Freight the only platform in the industry to use a smart pricing system, saving shippers and carriers a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent negotiating.

    FOR-U Smart Freight stated that thanks to the technological foundations of the For-U Brain, the platform has the ability to provide end-to-end digital services so that each step of freight transactions is standardized and digitalized, and that transportation efficiency and service quality can be guaranteed on every order. In addition, the intelligent transportation network, supported by data and technology, has also become the most fertile soil from which the future commercialization of self-driving trucks might grow.

    In 2018, FOR-U Smart Freight and Cainiao was awarded the CFLP Science and Technology Progress Award with their respective Smart Pricing System and Future Park projects. In the three years since, FOR-U Smart Freight has moved to digitalize the entire road freight process, while Cainiao has deeply explored and innovated in smart warehousing. China’s logistics industry is being revolutionized by these digital disruptors, ushering in a new age of connectivity and efficiency.

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