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BREAKING: Microsoft is out of the TikTok deal!

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Microsoft is officially out of the TikTok deal. Back in August, Trump issues an order to sell TikTok US business to the Americans. The US government believes that TikTok is a threat to its country. Since the Trump signs the order, Microsoft was eager in purchasing TikTok. Unfortunately, today Microsoft confirms that TikTok has rejected Microsoft offer.

Microsoft had plans to purchase TikTok business in a few countries which are the United States, Australia and New Zealand. According to Microsoft, it believes that if ByteDance accepts the deal, it would have been good for both TikTok users and also the country. TikTok is owned by a china company called ByteDance. Trump believes that ByteDance is sharing TikTok user’s data with the China government.

Last week, Trump confirms that the ByteDance has time until 15th September before selling TikTok to the Americans. This news was confirmed before the United States president boards the Air Force One. Based on the order released by the US government, the dateline was supposed to be until 20th September. But, now as Microsoft is out of the deal, now it’s just left Oracle and Walmart.

The latest information we have is, there is a 90% high chances that TikTok will be choosing Oracle to run the TikTok US business. This is still a rumour until ByteDance confirms it. We will be updating you guys on the deal once it’s finalized. If by this week, ByteDance didn’t choose an American buyer, then TikTok will be officially banned in the United States. There are chances too for TikTok to be removed from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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