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    BREAKING: The US government postpones Huawei’s ban once again


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    Huawei is back in the picture once again as yesterday its temporary license expires. Three months ago, the US government has given a temporary license for Huawei to continue doing with US tech companies. According to the US government, once the license expired, Huawei will not be able to do business with any of the US companies.

    Now, we got to know the US government will be extending the reprieve for another several month. Before yesterday itself, we expect the Commerce Department to announce to extend the reprieve for Huawei. As expected, the Commerce Department finally announces to extend the reprieve on Huawei. By extending the temporary license for another several months, Huawei has more time to launch the most awaited Huawei Mate X and Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

    Back in May, the US government bans Huawei from doing business with US tech companies. This causes companies such as Google and Qualcomm to cut ties with Huawei. Imagine when Google blocks its access for Huawei, Huawei could not get any software or security updates from Google. That’s when Huawei announces its plan to develop its own operating system. During the Huawei Developer Conference event, Huawei announces HarmonyOS which said could be ported into any of its Huawei smartphones easily.

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    Looks like, Huawei can still hold on the porting of HarmonyOS as its temporary license has been extended. Two days ago, Reuters reported that Huawei’s temporary license would be extended for another 80 days. The reason Trump administration add Huawei name into the Entity List because Huawei violates US sanctions against Iran. Other than that, Huawei is also been accused to be using its devices to spy on Americans.

    What happens to Huawei after 90 days?

    Hearing Huawei temporary license extended indeed good news to Huawei fans. However, what’s happens next? In November the license will expire again and US suppliers will stop supplying hardware components to Huawei. At this moment, Huawei Mate X has been delayed which was supposed to launch on September. If Huawei misses this window launch the Mate X by November, you might not be able to see Mate X in action.

    Most probably, after this 90 days extension period, we can see Huawei unveiling HarmonyOS. On the other hand, if within this 90 days, the US government removes Huawei name from the Entity List, then everything could be changed for once and all.

    According to Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary told the reporter that plenty of discussion with the US President, Donald Trump is ongoing. He also adds this extension is mainly focusses to those US customers who operate networks in rural America.

    In conclusion, Huawei can continue doing its business with the other US tech companies again and continue to receive supplies for its Huawei Mate X and Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Do note that until a total of 46 of Huawei affiliates has been added into the Entity List says by Wilbur Ross.

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