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    Asus launches a limited edition laptop with an 18-karat gold

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    This year Asus reaches 30 years old. To make it even grander, Asus launches ZenBook Edition 30 laptop. This is a special edition laptop which comes with an 18-karat rose gold logo. If you take a look at the logo it looks similar to StarTrek’s logo. The lid cover is made up of pure white color leather.

    Image from TheVerge

    According to Asus Chairman, Jonney Shih, every piece of genuine leather is handpicked by a team of professionals. Even the panel cover is sewed by a master tailor. Since this is a limited edition laptop there are very few units available for sale. This limited edition laptop also comes with few special accessories such as pearl white color mouse and a white leather sleeve. According to TheVerge, back in 2006, Asus launches its first ever leather laptop.

    The Asus ZenBook Edition 30 is powered by Intel’s 8th Gen Core i7 processor. Although Intel has already launched its 9th edition processor, Asus insist to include the 8th gen processor. Other than that, the GPU it uses is Nvidia GeForce MX250 which supports high-end games and high-level graphics processing capability. The 13-inch laptop comes with a 16GB of RAM and a PCIe SSD storage.

    In conclusion, Asus revealed neither the official price nor the release date yet. The only thing we can confirm for now is it’s not going to be sold for a cheaper price. We will update the official price once Asus update us on the information. More information about this gem can be found here.

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