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    April Fool Day by Tech Industry


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    Every year, this would be the month all of you will be fooled by the tech industry companies such as Google. It seems, for this year, a lot of companies has pranks its users. Usually, all these companies will prank the user by making a few tweakings to the app. Let’s dig into each of this prank.


    To start off, Google announces that soon you can play Snake in the Google Maps mobile apps. It doesn’t matter whether you are Android or iOS users, you should be able to experience this feature. You can select different locations such as London and Sydney.

    Apart from that, Google also announces a new Screen Cleaner feature in the Files app that will use the software to identify specks of dirt and then it cleans your phone. We still can’t believe it that there are people who fell for this joke.


    We have also spotted that redONE Malaysia is part of the April Fool day event. Wouldn’t it be great if you access the speed of 5G now itself? To take it to a further step, redONE announces it will be running its world first 6G trial. We all know, 5G will be supporting up to 5Gbps, whereas 6G would be lightning speed. Even to make it more realistic, redONE posted this news on their official News page.


    Nowadays, drone has been the most popular gadget where it is being used widely in different regions. Emirates makes an announcement on its Facebook page that starting April 2020 you can start to fly around Dubai using a self-driving drone.


    Few days back, Grab announces that soon foods can be ordered from Singapore. Grab promises to deliver those foods via helicopter. They are calling it as “GrabFoodCopter”. Grab even took this even further by allowing users to join as beta testers for its air delivery service.

    Air Asia

    Talking about tech companies, we are surprised that Air Asia is also part of the April Fool Day prank. Whenever you talk about Air Asia, affordable tickets that strike to our mind. However, Air Asia make an announcement on Facebook, that soon they will be changing their logo into a QR code which you scans will redirect to the Air Asia official website. Take a look below at Air Asia’s new logo.

    No photo description available.


    OnePlus pranks it users that they are working on a new electric supercar which is better than Tesla. They name it as “WarpCar”. According to OnePlus, the new electric super car is inspired from their latest Warp Charger. You can start to say goodbye to gasoline soon once they launch this car. OnePlus make the announcement on their official Twitter account.


    Tinder is the world most famous dating app which allows the user to accept or reject a opposite gender person by swiping left or right. One of the main issue where the female users in Tinder faces is height of the males. To curb this issue, Tinder make an announcement that, they will soon have a new feature call height verification. Tinder make this announcement on its official blog. Tinder also says that it is expecting huge declines in 80% of males who claims they are over 6-feet. We don’t know actually how many people fell for this cool prank. However, today Tinder has updated on its blog again that there is no such feature and it is just a prank.


    In conclusion, we are very sure that a lot of you would have fallen for these pranks. These are not only the April Fool Day pranks, but there are also more such as from Nvidia, Roku and more. Share it with your friends to see all these cool pranks!

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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