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    Apple will be rolling out Apple Card in August


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    Apple is the first technology company to introduce its own credit card. Back in March, Apple unveils its titanium credit card called Apple Card. During the event, Apple says it will unveil the Apple Card this summer. Now, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook confirms it will begin to accept applications in August.

    According to Tim Cook, before Apple rolls out Apple Card, it has given the Apple Cards to more than thousands of its employee to use it. All the Apple employees have been using the Apple Card in their daily life in a beta test. Looks like Apple is ready to roll out the Apple Card in August.

    To recap about the feature of Apple Card, the titanium carve card will be coming in both digital and physical form. Usually, credit cards have few similarities which are the same traditional 16-digit card number, a three-digit CVV code and expiration month and year. Apple wants to make your transaction secure by generating those 16 digit number randomly during each of your purchase. These numbers are being generated directly on your device.

    Apart from that, Apple also will be offering cashback for each purchase made with Apple Pay. You will be eligible to receive 2% cashback when you make your purchases via Apple Pay and 3% for the purchases done via the Apple Store. At this moment, Apple didn’t reveal the exact date Apple will roll out the Apple Card. Malaysians might need to wait for a longer time for Apple to roll out Apple Card.

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