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    Apple unveils the new iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

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    When it comes to the worlds best tablet, the answer surely would be Apple’s iPad. iPad Pro has reinvented how a tablet should be used. Back when Apple unveils the iPad Pro, fans went crazy over it because it was big and it has tons of new features. Well, yesterday evening Apple surprises us by unveiling the new iPad Pro.

    With the launch of the new iPad Pro, Apple promises to replace PC with the iPad Pro. When we heard about it, we knew the there aren’t any changes towards the design. That’s the reason Apple name it as the new iPad Pro similar to the previous new iPad. However, Apple has added some power-packed features to the new iPad Pro which the previous iPad Pro don’t have it.

    There aren’t any changes to the display. It still uses the Liquid Retina display which the 3rd generation iPad Pro has too. Apple claims that it uses the “industry-leading colour accuracy” with the Pro Motion technology. The colours are vibrant and crispier now with the latest iPad Pro. It has the screen refresh rate at 120Hz which very few smartphones support. The iPad Pro comes in two variant which is the 11″ and 12″ model.

    Thinking of the camera, we actually predicted the next iPad could be having a similar camera design with the iPhone 11 Pro. Looks like our prediction is correct once again. Some say the iPad Pro features a triple-camera setup. But for us, we are going to stick with a dual-camera setup. You will know the reason soon.

    The first camera is the 12MP wide camera and a 10MP ultra-wide camera. The third one is something we didn’t expect at all. If you look at the image below, it looks like a triple-camera setup. But the third one is not a camera rather it is a scanner technology. Apple is calling it the LiDAR scanner. The LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging scanning technology.

    Did you know that this technology is only being used by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)? According to Apple, NASA is using this technology for its next Mars mission. The LiDAR scanning technology is used to determine distance by measuring how long it takes light to reach an object and reflect back. Using the LiDAR scanner in the iPad Pro, it improves the Augmented Reality (AR) performance tremendously. And also not to forget with this LiDAR scanner the AR is more realistic than ever.

    The new iPad Pro also features the latest A12Z Bionic processor. Apple claims that the A12Z Bionic processor is now faster than most of the PC laptops out there. Obviously, with all these power-packed features the iPad has to be powerful than ever. Besides that, it also has a 8-core graphic processor which allows you to continue working on your iPad without thinking of your PC laptops. What if we say that now you can edit your 4K videos on your iPad Pro.

    Magic floating keyboard?

    Next is we are going to share you about the latest accessory from Apple for the new iPad Pro. It is the Magic Keyboard. The main reason Apple says it is the floating keyboard is that the iPad is not attached to the keyboard directly. The iPad Pro floats with the keyboard, which slightly looks like the iMac design. Assuming the iPad is floating now, you can easily change the viewing angle of the iPad with the hinge on the Magic Keyboard.

    On top of that, the Magic Keyboard also comes with the trackpad which you can only get from the MacBooks only. Back in 2019, Apple announces iPad OS which will replace the iOS for the iPad’s. And that’s what Apple is doing right now. It’s changing the way to use the iPad Pro with the iPad OS. Besides multitasking, you also get a new cursor now with the iPadOS.

    Most interestingly, the Magic Keyboard comes with a USC-C port which allows you to charge your iPad Pro with passthrough method. You can easily remove the iPad Pro from the Magic Keyboard when you are not using it. It attaches magnetically to the Magic Keyboard. The best feature of the Magic Keyboard is, it lights up where you can even work on your iPad Pro during the night. The new Magic Keyboard even supports the previous iPad Pro too.

    iPad Pro Pricing and Availability

    With all these amazing features on the iPad Pro, it has to be expensive. Apple products aren’t reasonable up until now. The price of the iPad Pro starts from RM3,499 for the 11″ WiFi model and RM4,399 for the 12″ WiFi model. The cellular model starts from RM4,149 for the 11″ model and RM5,049 for the 12″ model.

    For the Magic Keyboard wise, it will only be available in May 2020. There isn’t any pricing info on the Magic Keyboard itself yet. However, a few sources claim that it is priced at RM1,349 and RM1,549 for the 11″ iPad Pro and 12″ iPad Pro respectively.

    The new iPad Pro is now yet available in Malaysia yet. At the moment, Apple didn’t mention the official date it will be available in Malaysia yet. We are assuming the iPad Pro won’t reach to Malaysia shore yet until June 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide. Anyways, let’s wait for an official confirmation from Apple itself.

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