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    Apple Store in the United States will be reopening soon


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    Since the global pandemic COVID-19, many countries have initiated a lockdown. This means people were not allowed to go out of their houses. Companies like Apple had to close their stores worldwide to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It has been more than a month since Apple closes its stores worldwide. As we mentioned previously, Apple says that it will be reopening a few of its stores in the United States.

    Well, today, Apple’s SVP of Retail and People, Deirdre O’Brien have updated us on the latest information regarding the Apple Stores worldwide. This news has been posted on the Apple website. According to him, Apple is really cautious when it comes to health. That’s the reason during this pandemic COVID-19, Apple has source more than 30 million masks and 10 million custom‑built face shields for doctors and nurses. On top of that, Apple has also partnered with Google to develop a solution for the COVID-19.

    Apple is the first to close its stores in China during COVID-19

    He also added that, Apple was one of the first stores in China to apply social distancing in its store so that it can reduce the spread of the virus. And now, Apple will be slowly reopening its stores worldwide by applying the rules which it applied in China. Until now, Apple has already opened almost 100 of its stores worldwide. As for now, Apple has a total of 512 Apple Stores worldwide. Since now it is following the Standard of Operating Procedure (SOP) we soon may see more Apple Stores being opened worldwide.

    As for the people in the United States, you can start to go to the Apple Stores in the coming weeks. Currently, Apple has planned to open at least 25 Apple Stores in the United States. Whereas globally, Apple is planning to open 12 of its stores in Canada and 10 in Italy. Since in China and South Korea, the COVID-19 cases have been solved, Apple has finally opened its stores in these countries too.

    Expect these changes when you walk-in into the Apple Store

    Apple feels that it need to be responsible for the health of its visitors. Due to that, soon once more stores have been opened you can start to see a lot of changes in the Apple Stores. First of all, you can see Apple Stores employees will be checking your body temperature before you walk-in to the Apple Stores. At the same time, they will be checking whether are you wearing a mask. In case you forget to bring your mask along, don’t worry because the employees will be providing you with the facemask.

    Furthermore, Apple will be applying social distancing too. This means Apple will not be allowing many people to walk-in into the Apple Stores. Most importantly, the Apple Store employees will be requiring you to answer questions if you have either fever or cough. Besides that, you can also see that, Apple will be conducting enhanced deep cleanings that place special emphasis on all surfaces, display products, and highly trafficked areas.

    Find which Apple Store is open during COVID-19 in the US

    In case if you have ordered Apple products, Apple will be glad to ship it to your doorsteps so you don’t have to leave your house. Unless if you want to pick it up the product at the Apple Store itself, you can walk-in directly. Just make sure you maintain the social distancing rules. You can easily check whether the Apple Stores at your region has been opened or not. You can do it by using the Find a Store search tool.

    In conclusion, even though Apple readies to open its stores in the United States, it will be looking at each and every data. For example local cases, near and long‑term trends, and guidance from national and local health officials. Even after opening the Apple Stores, Apple feels that the COVID-19 cases are increasing, Apple immediately will take action to close its stores again.

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