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    Apple launches second generation AirPods


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    As expected from the rumor, Apple launches the second generation AirPods. The new AirPods retains the same design as the previous AirPod. In order to provide better performance efficiency, Apple had ported the new H1 chip. Through this chip, the AirPod takes limited time to connects to the iOS devices.

    The most awaited feature, “Hey Siri” command is here. Next time, when you are using the AirPod, you can directly say the “Hey Siri” command without tapping on the AirPod. As the performance increases, the new AirPod allows the user to have more talk time than the previous model. Moreover, according to Apple, it is twice faster than the previous model if you wish to switch between your other iOS devices.

    Other than that, the new AirPod comes with a wireless charging case. Apple launches the AirPods in two different variants. They is the standard wired charging case and the wireless charging case. Both are prices RM699.00 and RM879.00 respectively. Additionaly, Apple also sells the empty wireless charging case which is RM439.00.

    As for now, Apple is not allowing the users to order the new AirPod online. However, we can expect soon in a week Apple will reveal regarding the sales details.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.


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