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    Apple is ready to kill off iTunes for good

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    iTunes is the macOS single app which allows you not only to listen to your favorite song but to sync your iPhone and iPad too. iTunes is also used as a place to buy or rent movies from the iTunes Store. As Apple is having its upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 3 in San Jose, rumors saying Apple is ready to kill off iTunes.

    According to Bloomberg, Apple will be removing iTunes from the macOS. To replace iTunes, Apple could launch three new apps for the Mac. These apps have already been in iOS for more than three years. We are guessing these three apps are Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Podcast app.

    Apple launches iTunes back in 18 years ago. It has been long time Apple is maintaining the whole iOS devices through the iTunes. Personally, we feel it is really good for the future to let go off iTunes. This is because, it is really hard to transfer your data within your Mac. If you take a look at Windows ecosystem, you can directly transfer pictures to your computer by drag and drop. However, you still need to use the iTunes on the Windows computer to transfer musics.

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    In conclusion, we are excited to see how Apple could be changing the iOS syncing. We will be covering the WWDC live event update on our blog on 4th June 1 a.m. Follow our blog for the live updates.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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