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    Android Q beta is here


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    The tech giant, Google has finally release the first beta of Android Q. Android Q is the next version of the Android P which stands for Pie. Android OS is the most popular operating system which you can witness it on most of the smartphone. Anyone can download the Android Q beta release for free. However, you might need to own any of the Pixel range devices in order to install Android Q. The software development kit (SDK) is officially available to all developer today onwards.

    According to Google, Android Q has more features which are focused on privacy and security. Here is the list of the features.

    Location Sharing

    The new Android Q prompts the user to give permission on their location if the app needs to use their location. In the previous Android OS, you will be prompted to allow your location. However, now you can set when you would allow the app to use your device location. If you select “Allow all the time”, then your device location will be shared to the app always. Unless if you select the second option, then the app will only get your device location once you open the app only. So if you wish you to stop allowing the app to use your location you can select the third option “Deny”.

    Image from Google

    Foldable screen

    Recently, technology has taken a leap step forward. Two mobile giants Samsung and Huawei, have reveal the new foldable smartphone. Now Google is providing this support for the developers to resize their app screen when the user folds and unfolds their smartphone.

    Image from Google

    Better privacy and protections

    On the new Android Q, the you will have more control over apps that access to the shared files. You can decide whether you wish to give access to the app to access your Photos and Videos. Where as for the Download folder, you can decide whether the app can access the Downloads folder.

    Shortcut sharing

    The previous Android version, you can share any contents with your friends from another app but it take at least three to four steps to achieve it. Now, with the shortcut sharing you can immediately share the content to your friends by creating a shortcut of your contact. With just one click you can share it to the immediately. If Facebook Messenger updates its Android app, then you can share to your friend in Messenger immediately, without the need of opening the Messenger app. This would be something good which could be very useful to many people.

    Image from Google

    Apps setting panel

    The Android Q allows the developers to have a floating panel inside their app. This will allow them to allow certain specific functions which are very useful for the user who uses the app. For instance, the browser settings panel will have the connectivity setting which is related to the browser such as turning on WiFi or turning on your mobile data. With these improvements, you would not have to switch to your Settings from your app.

    Image from Google

    Better WiFi performance mode

    There is a new setting added into the Android Q specifically for mobile phone gamers. Now, you can request for high-performance with low latency modes for your wireless connections. If you are using your voice call mostly, this feature will be suitable for you.

    Dynamic depth for photos

    Nowadays, the smartphone comes with the depth feature or the “bokeh” effect. It blurs the background of the subject in a photo. Developers can even use this feature to create 3D images easily.

    Image from Google

    These are the top features which we listed down. There are more features which you can read it from here. Wonders of things can be done with the Android Q. If you own a Google Pixel device and you wish to try the Android Q, click on this link to get started.

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