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Advertisements are going to screw up your lock screen

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Image Source: The Verge

Apple has revealed the release of the latest updates that allows users to customize the all-new exciting lock screen experience where users can now play around with the vibrance colors and widgets and personalize their lock screen according to their preferred aesthetics. 

According to Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, he stated that “iOS 16 is a big release with updates that will change the way you experience the iPhone”. 

Image source: Apple

So, is this good news or bad news?

Well, since the iOS 16 beta was released to public beta testers in June, there have been mixed reviews from people on the internet regarding the new features introduced. Some said that it is a feature similar to Android while others favor it and are excited to install the update. 

Customizing your own lock screen is not a new trend though. In fact, Android had taken that step ages ago and now Apple seems to follow the path. However, it has come to our attention that soon, the Android lock screen will be swarmed with various advertisements. 

Online advertisements on phone’s lock screen

Popped up ads are not entirely a foreign concept and more common on smartphone applications. Therefore, it is quite predictable that they will be coming for your lock screen as well. In the recent news, TechNave reported that the ‘Glance app’ is in the process of partnering up with the US carriers in launching the ads in several Android phones’ lock screen within two months.

The Glance app

Photo from The verge

Glance is a subsidiary of AdTech giant InMobi Group, an Indian multinational mobile advertising technology company. The Glance app contains a dynamic interface that supports lock screen advertising. It is designed to update users with the latest news and information based on the personalized content feed that the users prefer, for example; sports, food, entertainment and much more. 

Basically, all of these ads will pop up on your lock screen the moment your screen is being turned on. This can either be a troublesome or convenient thing. On one hand, you will be kept updated on news for every second without having to go through different tabs in search of them. On the other hand, it can also be a huge source of distraction. 

Glance app is also available on almost 50 millions devices across Asia including countries like  Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. 

With Apple unveiling their latest features of lock screen personalization, it would not be a surprise if they too, would start to include ads on iOS in the future. As a matter of fact, in iOS 16,  Live Activities on lock screen will be included which serves almost similar purpose as the glance app. It will show real-time notifications on various activities such as food delivery order. 

Image source: Apple

In a nutshell, at the end of the day, it is up to the user’s preferences whether they are comfortable with this new dimension of lock screen. With that being said, we are interested to hear your opinions on this matter. What are your concerns about having ads on your lock screen? Are you comfortable with it? leave your comments below.

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