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    Acer launches products which focus on creativity

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    Recently, Acer organizes it’s 2019 global press conference Next @ Acer at New York. During the press conference, Acer launches various product line which focuses on creativity. Acer launches various products such as high-end desktop, laptops, and monitors which specially design for professional creators such as graphic designers, engineers, and game developers. All of these items are part of Acer new brand ConceptD.

    Notebooks: ConceptD 9, ConceptD 7, ConceptD 5

    Let’s analyze the specifications deeper. Firstly, the three notebook models come with the Pantone Validate 4K UHD screen. Based on the Adobe RGB color gamut, the display brings out the color as in true life. The ConceptD 9 and Concept 7 comes with the new 9th Generation i9 and i7 processor respectively.

    With all these great features, what could be the possible price of the notebook? The ConceptD 9 notebooks starts at $4,999 (RM20,580), the ConceptD 7 is priced at $2,299 (RM9,465) and the ConceptD 5 is priced at $1,699 (RM6,944). That is one of the most expensive notebooks we can say. The ConceptD 9 will be available in North America, EMEA, and China at the beginning of August. Whereas, the ConceptD 7 will be available in both North America and EMEA in July and August in China. Finally, that’s the lowest spec of the ConceptD brand which will be available earlier in North America and China in June and in EMEA in July.

    High-end desktops: ConceptD 900, ConceptD 500

    Apart from the notebooks, Acer also launches the ConceptD 900 and ConceptD 500 desktops. These are the high-end desktops which have the highest model of the NVIDIA GPU and Intel processor. It’s processor able to perform complex activities such as visual effects (VFX) rendering, 3D modeling, and gaming simulations. Those two models come with Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6148 and Intel 9th generation i9 processor. The Intel Xeon Gold 6148 processor has about 40-cores which able to perform a complex task. At the same time, it allows multitasking to an extreme level.

    Both of the desktop is using the NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPU. Other than that, the storage can be upgraded up to 60TB and having all these high-end specifications, the fan noise is reduced to lesser than 40dB. This means very hardly you can hear the fan noise inside.

    If you want to own these desktops you have to pay $19,999 (RM82,335) for the ConceptD 900 model and $1,699 (RM6,995) for the ConceptD 500 model. People from North America can start to purchase it from July onwards, whereas June in EMEA and China from December onwards.

    Monitors: ConceptD CM7321K, ConceptD CP7271K

    Without launching the Acer monitors it’s not complete. Acer launches the new ConceptD monitors at the press event in New York. Both of the monitors have extreme color accuracy by covering 99% of the Adobe RGB color space. Users can use the ConceptD CP7271K to create 3D contents. 2D creators are encouraged to use the ConceptD CM7321K.

    $2,999 (RM12,346) is the price of the ConceptD CM7321K and $1,99 (RM8,229) is the price of the ConceptD CP7271K. The CM7321K will be available in North America and EMEA in September. China will be getting it one month earlier, August. The CP7271K will be available in China in June and July in North America and EMEA.

    VR Headset: ConceptD OJO

    Surprisingly, Acer announces the ConceptD OJO mixed reality headset. It has a 4,320 x 2,160 of screen display resolution. Moreover, users can adjust the viewing angle to increase the comforts when they wear the VR headset. Apart from that, it also has an integrated sound system. As for now, the price and the release date is not revealed yet.

    In conclusion, we think Acer is focusing to create devices for the digital creators as well. Soon we can expect movie editors could be using the ConceptD 900 for movie editing apart from using the Mac Pro.

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