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    Newly launched 7Pay app by 7-Eleven is suspended after a few days

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    7-Eleven is the world’s most famous convenient store especially in Japan. It has more than 20,000 7-Eleven stores in Japan only. Even in Malaysia, most of us always find for a nearby 7-Eleven store to buy something. As being the most used convenience store, 7-Eleven Japan launches a new mobile app called 7Pay on 1st of July. This app allows its customers to make purchases at any 7-Eleven convenience store.

    However, two days later after the app launches, the company has to shut it down due to hackers stealing $500,000 from the users. According to the statement from 7-Eleven Japan, more than 900 customers account has been accessed by hackers and a total of ¥55 million (RM2,097,012.50) has been stolen. However, for its mistake, 7-Eleven Japan has given its promise to give compensation for the affected users.

    What is a 7Pay app?

    7-Eleven launches the 7Pay app which works as the mobile wallet system. It allows the user to make the payment by simply scanning the barcode at the counter. The user has to add either their debit card or credit card into the app. It’s almost similar to the Touch n’ Go e-Wallet or the GrabPay. In the overseas, the 7Pay is almost similar to the Walmart Pay.

    Since there is a vulnerability in the app, hackers were able to hack into the app easily by resetting any of the 7Pay user’s password. All the main information to reset the user’s password is the user’s email address, phone number, date of birth. With this information, the hacker is able to send a password reset link to any email address.

    In conclusion, the 7Pay app has been completely shut down and once the security flaw is fixed then 7-Eleven Japan might relaunch it again. You have to beware of what information you are sharing to the Internet.

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